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Fine Art Sculpture Artist

Scott needed a fresh new site to showcase his amazing wood sculptures. This new site is fast and very usable on mobile devices.

This site uses a customized responsive theme, page templates and product rendering code.

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Fine Art Development Company

Fine Artist, Julia, needed a fresh, modern website to showcase her vast art portfolio and to promote a new business venture. The result was amazing with all her incredible art pieces. Her new site is a customized responsive theme, with extensive JavaScript code for catalog rendering and site navigation.

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Investment Advisory Firm

Edward needed a modern. mobile-friendly site to provide an overview of his business offerings. This one is a customized 2020 template with added code and plugins to optimize speed.
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AIS Receiver Manufacturer

Shine Micro needed an update to their aging static site that was not mobile friendly. Working with their IT and Marketing departments, we built a modern responsive site with a custom products area.

This site uses a customized responsive theme, page templates and product rendering code.
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Fine Art Sculptor

Manuelita Brown needed a professional and modern site to showcase her incredibly fine work. is a fully responsive site using a customized fast theme with hand-coded PHP rendering for the gallery and home page highlighted pieces.
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Management Consulting Company is a core business site for Kimberly Wiefling, an internationally recognized and accomplished expert in business process improvement. Her site is very deep, using a variety of custom technologies to showcase her books and videos.
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Inspirational Business Book Promotion

Multi-author site to promote a book of short stories by professional women in business. Site is based on a custom template for WordPress with an easy to navigate slider on the home page and a page showing this an other books for sale leveraging a custom-built book management web service.
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LinkedIn Consulting and Training Services Company

Sandra needed a professional and mobile friendly site to provide information to prospective clients about her LinkedIn related consulting and training services company.
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Professional Services Portfolio and Launch Site

This site is Kimberly Wiefling's consulting services branding site and launch point for her various focused services sites. It is optimized for mobile users and is very fast to load. It uses the same custom template as for her other one-page sites with scroll-to-bookmark from the menus.
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Project Management Consulting Business

Experts in project management, this team needed a site to show off their skills and services. Built with mobile-first and responsive, this site uses the WordPress platform with a custom template and JavaScript-based navigation.
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Management Consulting Business

Culture based management consulting business needed a mobile, modern web presence to showcase their services. Built custom theme with JavaScript based navigation.
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Team Effectiveness Consulting Business

Consulting business needed a friendly, mobile-first site to showcase their business skills. Built this one with custom template and JavaScript for scrolling through the pages
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Fine Art Blog

Julia wanted a simple site to host her blog announcing her new pieces, showings and workshops, and to be a launch point into her art portfolio and sales site. The site also serves as the SEO nexus for her business as there is little textual and therefore searchable content on the sales portal. This site uses one of the standard WordPress themes with simple customizations.

Fat Margins
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Business Consulting Firm

Chuck wanted an updated, responsive site to showcase his consulting business offerings. This site leverages the AccessPress Lite base theme using a customized child theme.
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Cryogenics pumping and systems manufacturer needed a modern, mobile-friendly site. We built a WP framework based on the Sydney theme and trained company IT specialists to manage the content on their own.


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